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Staff Directory

Alison McLean
Educators: First Grade

My hobbies include reading and  gardening. I enjoy teaching K-3.  I have taught 2nd grade for the previous 5 years.  I am... Read More

Amber Becker
Educators: First Grade

Hello, my name is Amanda Becker and this is my first year at Winton Prep! I graduated from the University of Cincinnati and love teaching... Read More

Amy Benton
Educators: Title - Reading

Hello Winton Prep Families!  My name is Mrs. Benton.  I am the Title Teacher working with students in math and reading.... Read More

Donald Briggs
Educators: Intervention Specialist
Indra Brown
Educators: Third Grade

I enjoy exercising and music. I have 20+ years teaching in CPS and was an  American Airline sales rep.

Erica Brown
Educators: Second Grade

I enjoy writing, shopping, hanging out with friends. This is my 2nd year teaching at Winton Prep

Jacqueline Caldwell
Educators: Intervention Specialist
Mollie Fingerman
Educators: Music

Ms. Fingerman is a graduate of Otterbein University and a current masters student at Mt. St. Joseph.  She has a background in education... Read More

Traci Hiett
Educators: Kindergarten
Heather Horrocks
Educators: Test Coordinator/Title Teacher
Hannah Kilburn
Educators: Fourth Grade Math
My name is Hannah Kilburn and this year I am teaching 4th & 5th grade math! I graduated from Mount Saint Joseph University in December 2015... Read More
Tabari McCoy
Educators: 4th/5th Grade Language Arts
Ella McCoy
Educators: 6th/7th/8th Grade Social Studies
Bettylene Mulligan
Educators: 6th/7th/8th Grade Math
Deborah Ottariano
Educators: 6th/7th/8th Grade Language Arts

My hobbies are reading, traveling, collecting giraffes and African art. I have been teaching for over 40 years.  I started teaching in... Read More

Jasmine Palmer
Educators: Kindergarten
Vanessa Reed
Educators: 3rd / 4th Grade Split

I enjoy line dancing, cruising, church activities and loving on my grandchildren. I taught in Cincinnati Public Schools for many years.... Read More

Terry Williams-Richard
Educators: Intervention Specialist

My hobbies include writing, cultural  events & festivals, theatre, karaoke & travel. I have taught both children and adults in... Read More

Holly Robinson
Educators: Kindergarten
Amber Rowe
Educators: First Grade

Hello everybody! My name is Amber Rowe and I am one of the first grade teachers. I graduated in April from the University of Cincinnati, so... Read More

Sarah May
Educators: 3rd Grade

My hobbies are Reading, cooking,playing with my puppy, and watching sports. I taught 3  years in a private school as a substitute, 3... Read More

Danny Scholtz
Educators: PE
Caitlin Stanley
Educators: 6th/7th/8th Science
Lynda Staunton
Educators: Art

I enjoy making Arts & Crafts, making beaded jewelry and paper crafts. I taught Art in a private Montessori daycare, worked in a dual-... Read More

Kristen Threlfall
Educators: Literacy Coach/Literacy Lab

My hobbies are painting, crafts, camping, hiking, gardening, and music. My past careers have been a Reading specialist, 2nd-grade & 3rd-... Read More

Estalle Turner
Educators: Second Grade

Hi Wildcats! I am Estalle Turner, one of the second-grade teachers. I have been teaching for the past twelve years. I enjoy writing,... Read More

Margaret Waller
Educators: 4th & 5th Grade Science