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Pre-K Program

Winton Prep Pre-K is sponsored by Pre-K Solutions.

The early school years are critical to your child’s development.  Will they get the attention they need and deserve? Will their self-esteem be supported and nurtured?

Studies show children who participate in Early Childhood Education have higher performance results, self-esteem and long term educational success.  At Winton Prep it’s our goal to provide your child with an early introduction to education, to foster their love of learning and to increase their opportunity for lifelong educational success.  

Our program offers:

  • In School Experience on a Secure School Campus
  • Research Based Curriculum
  • Hands on Learning Environment
  • Personalized Programming and Assessment
  • Extended Day Options
  • Uniform School
  • Degreed Educators

Education Benefits:

  • Early engagement into education environment and routines to support transition into Kindergarten.
  • A positive introduction into education where learning will be done through play, child exploration, and teacher engagement fostering your child’s love of learning.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence that will follow your child throughout their education and have lifelong effects on their future success.

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