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Educational Program

The curriculum at Winton Preparatory consists of at least 100 minutes of daily instruction in Reading and Mathematics and 60 minutes of Writing and Social Sciences. Our research-based program of Project Based Learning is aligned to the Ohio Common Core and is enhanced through a set of common instructional strategies that promotes oral reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension among all content areas. Highly qualified teachers will deliver all instruction and ensure students are receiving platinum instruction in each content area.


Individualizing Instructional Needs

The curricular plan understands that all students are different and requires the teachers to respond to each student individually. The varied approach to the instructional design accommodates students who are below-, at-, or above-grade level. The intention of the curricular plan is to meet students where they are and to remediate, enhance, and/or accelerate learning, with the expectations of meeting the needs of the different kinds of students.


Fine Arts Program

Technology, Physical Education, and Art classes are offered to all students.  A varied approach to learning is accentuated in the Fine Arts program. Students are engaged in cooperative learning, project-based learning situations and also independent study opportunities.  The Fine Arts program provides students an alternative outlet to showcase their creativity. This healthy balance between core subjects and the fine arts increases student learning and allows students to show their individuality.